Info day: Simulation Data Management and Process Automation

Click here to download presentation documents for the Info Day: Process Automation and SDM

On May 17, 2018, this year's information day on simulation data management (SDM) and process automation took place in Stuttgart. The event took place in cooperation with our partner companies Kube and SIDACT.


In virtual product development, the management of simulation data and process management are becoming increasingly important.


Fast access to large volumes of data, as well as the management and automation of simulatory processes represent a major challenge to SDM systems.


The consistent and transparent availability of process-relevant data and meta information in the process chain from construction (CAD) to simulation (CAE) has high priority in the area of process automation and simulation data management.


The information day provided a detailed insight into current developments and experiences with SDM systems both from developer and user perspective.


We hope participants enjoyed the event. Presentation documents can be downloaded here.


Presentation documents:


Neue und geplante Entwicklungen in LoCo: Ausblick auf "Next Generation" (LoCo-X) |Marko Thiele (SCALE)

Prozessautomatisierung und Qualitätssicherung in der Crash-Simulation - Erfahrungen mit SDM-Systemen | Thomas Kube (Kube Ingenieurbüro)

Systems Engineering: Auswertung, Bewertung, Vergleich und Validierung von CAT und CAE-Ergebnissen | Gordon Geissler (SCALE)

Neue Entwicklungen bei der Kompression von Simulationsergebnissen im Kontext von SDM-Systemen | Stefan Mertler (SIDACT)

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