Infoday Process Automation/SDM

DYNAmore invites in cooperation with SCALE to an information day about Process Automation / SDM. The event will take place on the 3rd of March in Stuttgart.

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Today, simulation data management (SDM) is a highly relevant topic in the computer-aided engineering (CAE) of vehicles. While a few years ago, a vehicle model to analyze its crashworthiness consisted of only one large input file, such models are nowadays constructed using modules which comprise numerous separate components. Following this, the overall input file for the finite-element solver is assembled on the basis of such model components, e.g. airbags, doors, dummies, etc. Moreover, the number of load cases that need to be investigated by simulation engineers is also constantly increasing.


Among others, the administration of these model components in a multi-user environment as well as the automated simultaneous preparation of several load cases for simulation are demanding challenges for an SDM system. The automated data flow from CAD to CAE, i.e. from the geometrical representation to meshed components, is another important subject. This also includes the demand for consistent and transparent meta data relating to the process chain of CAD - pre-SDM - assembly - simulation - post processing.


Simulation data/process management can basically be divided into three sections:


  • Linking CAD-CAE, i.e. batch processing to meshing/discretization of component geometries (pre-SDM)
  • Load case compilation and input (includes) data management (Assembly)
  • Management of simulation results (Post-SDM)


The event will take place on the 3rd of March in Stuttgart. More information may be found at the event website.

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