SCALE cover story in d1g1tal AGENDA magazine

In a multi-page article, d1g1tal AGENDA reports on SCALE's simulation data management solutions.

In a multi-page cover story, the magazine d1g1tal AGENDA reports in detail on the possibilities that our integrative solution SCALE.sdm offers for virtual product development.

With the modules SCALE.model, SCALE.result and SCALE.project, SCALE.sdm is an innovative CAx software suite that maps the entire simulation process completely digitally. The modules can be used individually or in free combination for specific use cases.

d1g1tal AGENDA is a trade magazine for digitalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship that is published quarterly. The cover story on our products was published in issue 2/2022 and provides detailed insights into the functional scope of our software suite and its integrable applications. The article is available here in full length:

SCALE cover story in magazine d1g1tal Agenda:
Simulationdatenmanagement und CAE-Prozessdesign weiter als bisher denken

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