SCALE is partner of the EU research project GREYDIENT

GREYDIENT is a European training network for the further development of Grey Box models.SCALE is involved in the project as an industrial partner.

We are pleased to announce the project start of  GREYDIENT. The project is funded by the European Union under the Marie Sklodowska Curie Programme. SCALE participates in the project as an industrial partner.


The scientific goal of the project is the further development and application of grey-box models. Grey-box models combine machine learning approaches based on (black-box) data with (white-box) simulation models. The integration of the different approaches results in synergies in the application.


Schematic representation of the grey box approach, source:


Application of grey box models in the project are the improvement reliability and safety of vehicle systems. The monitoring, control and optimization of production processes as well as energy gird are another area with many challenges for grey-box models.

The training of junior researchers in the framework of this ITN project is organised in close cooperation with industry stakeholders. SCALE is making itself available as an industrial partner in the project with its practical experience in the application of Big Data and machine learning methods.



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