SCALE and GNS Systems announce cooperation

The two partners specifically address simulation data management (SDM) in virtual product development. Together, SCALE SDM solutions can be offered professionally in the cloud.

The two partners specifically address simulation data management (SDM) in virtual product development. The core benefit for simulation engineers: maximum integration of innovative solutions and services for continuous data and process management - in the cloud and on-premise.


  • SCALE and GNS Systems decide to collaborate
  • The two partners focused on simulation data management (SDM) in virtual product development
  • Simulation engineers are thus to benefit from the smooth integration of novel solutions and services for end-to-end data and process management - in the cloud and on-premise
  • In the future, GNS Systems will also integrate SCALE.sdm on its engineering cloud platform, the Digital Engineering Center





Christopher Woll, Managing Director of GNS Systems, is convinced of the joint strategy: " Rapid and structured access, even to huge amounts of data from everywhere, is currently more important than ever. Highly automated simulation data management is essential in engineering today. The keywords here are traceability and revision security of the data."


Through the partnership with SCALE, GNS Systems is leveraging significant know-how synergies: The company has been on the market as a specialist for CAE IT for over 20 years, lately also with its own engineering cloud platform. Heiner Müllerschön, Managing Director of SCALE GmbH, emphasises: "We are observing an increasing demand from our customers for the operation of our SDM solution in the cloud. With GNS Systems, we are gaining a strong, globally active partner with outstanding expertise in the integration of system applications in the cloud. I am convinced that GNS Systems optimally complements us in the topic of simulation data management in the market and supports our ideas for more efficient data consistency in customer companies. Together, we can meet the long-term needs of users for innovative, scalable and highly available solutions in the rapidly growing field of simulation and process management."


Engineers benefit from faster and better simulation data management


SCALE provides its integrative software solution SCALE.sdm with the modules SCALE.model, SCALE.result and SCALE.project within the framework of process and data management. Together they form a powerful system solution for virtual product development.


With its services, GNS Systems ensures the smooth integration of the solutions in the cloud if desired, as well as the complete automation of simulation processes in highly complex IT environments. A fully automated simulation environment for development engineers forms a solid platform that ensures a continuous development process and reliable data consistency. Engineers benefit from faster and better quality simulation data management (SDM).


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