Coordinate and validate cross-linking processes with CadMe. Definition and monitoring of process steps for meshing, data synchronization and validation for distributed collaboration, update and comparison of new CAD versions with meshed parts, Integration of ANSA-DM.


Support of meshing processes and data provision for CAD/CAE.

The main purpose of the CadMe software module is to provide an environment to support meshing processes. The solution comes with a general interface for CAD data and can be connected to your in-house PDM system or any other data source. Based on the CAD data, the user is guided through each step of the meshing process.

CadMe coordinates and validates cross-linking processes for meshing. The CadMe tasks include providing and monitoring process steps, data synchronization and validation for distributed collaboration, and updating and comparing new CAD versions with parts that are already meshed. CadMe itself does not provide features for meshing like typical pre-processors, but makes it possible to integrate any third-party application for meshing.

Since CadMe has been developed on the basis of the SCALE Application Platform, it comes with a unique rich client/offline architecture, whose outstanding synchronization technology makes any model and process data instantaneously available to all participants. Role-based access management and high-security features ensure confidentiality.


The CadMe graphical user interface displays all workflow steps of the meshing process including progress status. The GUI can be customized very flexibly to satisfy users needs.




  • Solution for the support of meshing processes
  • Environment facilitating teamwork in different locations
  • General infrastructure for CAD interfaces
  • Transparent and documented process steps
  • Flexible configuration and adaptation
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