Process Integration

In computing environments, it is of interest for example to know how many load cases of a product are secured currently or at a particular time. Suitable software solutions can help in providing this information both efficiently and transparently.

As system-neutral service provider, we specialize in process integration solutions for CAE and CAT (Computer Aided Engineering/Testing). In this area, we guarantee an objective and professional consultation with appropriate services. If necessary, we also facilitate in the migration and the support of your system in operation. On customer request, we also develop or integrate the following systems:


  • Integration platform for different CAE-Software systems
  • IT-Infrastructure for collaborative work, automation of work processes.
  • Data storage (DB-Archiv), report preparation, status monitoring.
  • Integrated CAE/CAT environments for data management.
  • Automation of engineering processes in a heterogeneous software prospect e.g. creation of user-defined process chains from heterogeneous software products. For this purpose, the application control is realized in an integration platform for linking various software systems.
  • Process integration for optimization, robustness and sensitivity analysis.
  • Creation of integrated work environments for CAx ( CAD, CAE and CAT), in which all sub-disciplines in the CAx environment are represented with a single system. With it, on one hand a simple comparison of simulation and test results is guarenteed and on the other, an overall monitoring of the maturity level can be realized.
  • Interface development for CAD-, CAE- and CAT-data, data import and export as well as data converstion.


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