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We are looking for software developers to strengthen our branch in Dresden. Apply now! With your knowledge and skills, you will develop complex webmore

The two partners specifically address simulation data management (SDM) in virtual product development. Together, SCALE SDM solutions can be offeredmore

SCALE has given an interview to d1g1tal AGENDA, the magazine for entrepreneurship and digital affairs.more

SCALE has become an AWS (Amazon Web Services) partner in January 2022. SCALE's core com-petence is simulation data management and CAE processes. Inmore

Evaluate SCALE Products

Try our products in your environment. We are pleased to assist with the implementation and evaluation of the software. For the period of evaluation licenses are available free of charge … more

We are pleased to present you our company portfolio. It contains information about our company as well as our products and services. The brochure ismore


The magazine d1g1tal AGENDA published several pages about SCALE's simulation data management solutio…

Apply now!
Jan 24, 2022
SCALE is always looking for motivated talents. We look forward to receiving meaningful applications.…

SCALE@Conferences 2021
Jun 06, 2021
SCALE will be involved in the following events this year. …

SCALE will give a presentation at a NAFEMS online seminar on the integration of simulation and testi…
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