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      Papers and slides on the latest developments in simulation data management and our software solutions can be found here.

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      Software solution for management and analysis of simulation and test data (Abstract)

      G. Geißler, M. Liebscher (SCALE)

      NAFEMS online seminar “Integration of simulation and test in product development”, June 2021

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      Application of Machine Learning Techniques through Simulation Data Management (Slides)

      Marko Thiele (SCALE)VDI-Fachkongress Automotive CAE, Baden-Baden, November 2019.

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      Parameter prediction and automated generation of joining technologies in CAX applications of automotive car bodies

      Maximilian Knorr, Universität Stuttgart, 2019.

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      Parameter estimation for spot weld design in automotive construction (Master Thesis)

      Akhil Pillai, TU Dresden, 2019. 

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      Estimation of spot weld design parameters using
      deep learning

      Akhil Pillai, Uwe Reuter (TU Dresden), Marko Thiele (SCALE)12. Europäische LS-DYNA Konferenz, Koblenz, Mai 2019.

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