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      CAE method development

      With the latest simulation methods, reality is becoming more and more detailed and realistic. This creates new requirements for the approach to modeling as well as for the numerical methods. This requires a constant sharpening and further development of existing methods and processes.

      We are happy to support you here with our many years of experience in the form of services and consulting. Our strengths lie especially in the development of new processes in connection with complex simulation technologies. In addition to employees with a lot of in-depth experience, we have a large team of computer scientists who guarantee professional implementation. Due to our historical connection with DYNAmore, we have excellent expertise in the field of finie element methods.

      CAE Processes

      Development of complex simulation processes

      The use of powerful simulation methods is well established in product development. These methods are constantly being improved. We provide you with engineers with extensive simulation experience to bring your method development up to date. The software-technical implementation of the processes can be guaranteed by a large team of computer scientists. We are also happy to help with maintenance and support for existing process solutions.

      Machine Learning

      For the prediction and optimization of product properties, we apply machine learning methods. For this purpose, the foundations for your use cases have been and are being developed in the research projects ViPrIA, ML@KaroProd and E-PreMa, among others, with selected partners. Our strength here lies in the acquisition and preparation of data, including data management for training the machine learning models. The efficiency and accuracy of these methods are impressive and can significantly improve your product development processes. Ask us!

      Process simulations for the characterization of product properties

      In addition to the development of new processes, with the integration of complex simulation technologies, our expertise lies in the automation of established simulation techniques. Especially in the field of mechanical joining technology, digital twins have been developed to realize a virtual characterization of the mechanical joint by means of process and ultimate load simulations for clinch (CLN), flow pierce screw (FDS) and semi-hollow pierce rivet (HSN) joints.

      The automated evaluation of the simulations forms the basis for the application of machine learning methods, for example, to efficiently predict the joint properties of a joint without extensive experimental characterization.

      Material calibration

      Material modeling represents an essential basis for a realistic, simulative description of processes. Among other things, we have excellent expertise in the calibration of material models due to our knowledge of the implementation details. For this purpose, we develop innovative software solutions for the determination of parameters of complex material models.


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