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      Data Analysis

      Virtual product development generates large databases that contain a great deal of knowledge and experience. Through targeted data analyses, this knowledge can be used for the development of subsequent products. As a rule, machine learning technologies and other intelligent algorithms are used.

      Data analysis


      Over the years, large amounts of data are generated during product development, both during simulation and when carrying out tests. In the best case, this data is available in a structured form in your company. Applying targeted analysis to this data can answer very interesting questions. Which measures were successful in the past for a certain event? Which components have already been used in a similar way? Have outliers occurred in a load case collective? If so, what are the causes associated with them? What is the influence of input parameters on target variables (sensitivity analyses)? There are many algorithms available on the market to perform such analyses. SCALE.sdm also offers numerous possibilities here. If required, ML applications from cloud providers such as AWS or Azure can also be linked to SCALE.sdm.


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