Are you planning a strategic repositioning? Do you want to improve your IT services or optimize your processes? Let us advise and support you. Our core competence is translating requirements into structured technical concepts.


Our extensive know-how in the field of finite element simulation, our detailed knowledge of CAE processes, our long-term experience in simulation data management (SDM), and our well-founded IT expertise – all this gives us the technical skills needed to safely identify and assess options for action.


We can help you structure and organize your entire change process – right up to the introduction of implemented solutions and the quality review. We assist in structuring and organizing a possible change process, including roll out of and inspection of quality.

Analysis and Consolidation

Organically grown structures almost inevitably lead to a heterogeneous system landscape. With an analysis of the actual state vulnerabilities and priorities for action can be identified. With our experience, we conduct this analysis and determine the potential for consolidation and the need for restructuring.

Requirements Management, Design and Procurement

Clarity in the requirements saves time and costs. The creation or adaptation of IT systems is a complex task. Mistakes and subsequent corrections are costly. In collaboration with you, we identify and prioritize your tecnical requirements. Our core competence is to translate these requirements into structured technical concepts. This enables the assessment of the technical possibilities for realization and allows the evaluation of the cost-benefit ratio. With our help you can find the optimal solution strategy and make the right decisions.

Project Management

We support you in planning and controlling your projects. We create transparency between the stakeholders and their different interests. Through communication and technical knowledge we can mediate between the partners and ensure compliance of cost, time and quality.


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