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      10th International AVL Symposium on Development Methodology

      This year’s International AVL Symposium for Development Methodology will be held under the motto “Man and Methodology in the Context of Change”. The event focuses on the key topics of digitization, virtualization and simulation, and provides a platform for exchanging best practices in the areas of system development, testing, calibration, modeling and optimization.

      The symposium, organised by AVL Germany, will take place on the 7th and 8th of November at the Kurhaus Wiesbaden. On the second day of the conference, SCALE will give an exciting presentation on simulation data management, illustrated with LEGO® models. Join us and discover innovative ways to manage simulation data!

      SCALE presentation

      Wednesday, November 8 – 3:40 pm
      Illustration of advanced simulation data management using LEGO® crash and CFD simulations (.pdf)
      M. Thiele (SCALE)

      In our presentation, we will showcase the flexibility of a modern simulation data management system using LEGO® simulations. The key advantage of a modern SDM system lies in its ability to handle diverse simulation data types and facilitate the setup of nearly any CAE process. Simulations with LEGO® cars are a vivid as well as challenging and complex example for the presentation of our SDM system.

      For more information about the event, visit the organizer’s website.


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