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      14th European LS-DYNA Conference in Baden-Baden

      SCALE is a Silver Sponsor at this year’s LS-DYNA conference and is participating in the event with three presentations and an informative exhibit booth. Join us and learn more about how we are shaping the future of simulation!

      The 14th European LS-DYNA Conference will take place on October 18 and 19, 2023 at the Kongresshaus in Baden-Baden. SCALE will be involved with three presentations on Wednesday, the first conference day. We are looking forward to an inspiring exchange of knowledge!

      SCALE presentations

      Wednesday, October 18 – 10:45 am – Room 3 “Stander”
      Similar Part Identification Integrating Machine Learning Approaches with a SDM Workflow
      M. Pintado, M. Thiele, A. Pillai (SCALE), U. Reuter (TU Dresden), F. Moldering (AUDI)

      Wednesday, October 18 – 11:35 am – Room 3 “Stander”
      Integration of Advanced Third-party Data Analysis Approaches into SDM Systems
      F. Leichsenring, M. Liebscher, M. Thiele (SCALE), N. Abdelhady, D. Borsotto (SIDACT)

      Wednesday, October 18 – 4:45 pm- Room 4 “Stander”
      Machine learning-based methods for predicting the manufacturability and properties of deep-drawn components and assemblies
      I. Lepenies (SCALE), A. Kaps (TU München), T. Lehrer (TU München, TH Regensburg), M. Wagner (TH Regensburg), F. Duddeck (TU München), S. Kriechenbauer (Fraunhofer IWU), F. Hamker, J. Vitay, A. Farahani, P. Atoofi (TU Chemnitz)

      Thursday, October 19 – 2:25 pm – Room 10 “Nilsson”
      A Generic Metal Material Database – From tensile tests to forming limit curves and 3d fracture models
      I. Lepenies (SCALE)

      For more information about the event, visit the organizer’s website.

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