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      Ansys takes over Business of DYNAmore

      At the end of the last year, Ansys announced that it would acquire the business of DYNAmore GmbH. The acquisition agreement was signed at the beginning of this year.
      Geschäftsführer der SCALE, Dr. Heiner Müllerschön und Dr. Martin Liebscher
      Managing Directors SCALE:
      Dr. Heiner Müllerschön (l.) and Dr. Martin Liebscher (r.)

      DYNAmore is a long-standing sales and software development partner of Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC), which was acquired by Ansys in 2019. With the now completed acquisition of DYNAmore, Ansys will add DYNAmore’s go-to-market and development expertise to its existing sales, engineering, research and development teams.

      In this context, Ulrich Franz, managing director of DYNAmore and SCALE, has thus stepped down as managing director of SCALE. In addition to Dr. Heiner Müllerschön, Dr. Martin Liebscher is now managing director of SCALE. Beyond that, there are no changes for SCALE’s business as a result of the acquisition.

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