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      Big data project VAViD successfully completed

      The BMBF-funded big data project VAViD was successfully completed.

      The big data project VAViD funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research was successfully completed. The project’s goal was to investigate new technologies for the efficient handling of data from numerical simulations and measurement data from sensors. Furthermore, methods for the compression of large volumes of data in engineering areas should be developed.

      Working on the VAViD project started in September 2014 and was completed in December 2017. The project participants from the automotive, wind energy and research sectors developed tools that make comparative automated analysis of large and growing volumes of dat possible.

      SCALE has concentrated on the method of data deduplication for the space-saving storage of data volumes. The deduplication process identifies and eliminates redundant data. A date set of the industrial partner AUDI could be significantly reduced using this method than it was previously possible with conventional methods used until today.

      The results of the research can be used beyond the automotive industry and the wind energy sector in other sectors, such as aerospace and industrial plants. Using cross-sectional technologies, application-specific methods can be derived and used efficiently.

      The total budget of the project was 3.3 million euros. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research contributed a share of 2.2 million euros. The joint project was coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute SCAI. Project partners were Bosch Rexroth Monitoring Systems, GE Global Research, GNS, SIDACT and the Dresden University of Technology. In addition, AUDI and VW participated in the project.

      The final report of the project coordinator Fraunhofer SCAI can be downloaded here.

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