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      BMBF Supports the Development of an Information System for Test and Simulation Data at SCALE

      SCALE is supported by the BMBF for the development of a Technical Information System for the C³ – Carbon Composite Concrete project. With the Information System new ways to organize, link und store simulation and test data are to be developed.

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      As part of the “Zwanzig20 – Partnership for Innovation” program, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports the C³ – Carbon Concrete Composite – consortium with over 70 partners.

      In a complex project with numerous partners, different disciplines and locations, an efficient organization of result data from testing and simulation as well as the accompanying information (guidelines, reports, publications, etc.) is essential for successful collaboration. Due to the complex IT-technical and professional requirements, existing systems cannot be used without new and further developments.

      The german Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) financially supports the development of this Technical Information System (TIS) due SCALE.

      Future users of the project are the numerous academic and industrial partners in the project. An overview of the project partners is available at the project website.

      The goal is a later marketing of the Technical Information System as a solution by SCALE in the simulation and testing environment.

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