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      Corporate giving: SCALE donates to a good cause

      As in previous years, SCALE donated to various charitable organisations in 2022.

      This year, SCALE once again donated to various charitable organisations. The donation tradition from previous years was continued.

      SCALE employees actively participated in the fundraising campaign by selecting the donation recipients themselves. Each employee could decide for themselves which project their donation budget would go to. On the occasion of the war in Ukraine, 8,000 EUR were donated to organisations providing emergency aid to the people in Ukraine, including Aktion Deutschland hilft.

      In addition, local and worldwide social and humanitarian associations were supported, e.g. in the areas of:

      • Child and youth welfare (Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf)
      • Humanitarian and health aid (Doctors without Borders, German Cancer Aid)
      • Climate and animal protection (NABU, Stiftung Tiernothilfe)
      • Sport (Sachsenwerk sports club)

      Being actively involved in the fundraising campaign is positively received by the employees. “With the annual fundraising campaign, SCALE makes a corporate contribution to social cohesion and assumes social responsibility. The fact that each employee can decide for themselves which project to donate to strengthens their own commitment on the one hand and the sense of unity on the other,” says Claudia Hinz, SCALE employee.

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