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      SCALE supports nonprofit projects with donations

      In 2023, SCALE continues its tradition by donating 9,000 EUR to charitable organizations.

      The employees of SCALE actively participated in the donation campaign by independently selecting the recipients of the donations. Each employee had the opportunity to decide which project would be supported from their donation budget. The individual freedom of choice strengthens the sense of personal responsibility and community spirit alike.

      This approach allowed for diverse support for local and global projects. The donations cover various areas, including local charities for children and youth, as well as global initiatives in humanitarian aid, health, environmental protection, animal welfare, and sports.

      Manuel Paternoster, a developer at SCALE, is pleased with the initiative: “The freedom to allocate my budget to a project that matters to me has given me a sense of personal involvement. SCALE’s donation campaign shows how we, as a team, can collectively make a positive impact – a simple and effective way to do good.”

      As we approach the upcoming holiday season, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all SCALE employees for their active participation in this initiative.


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