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      10th European LS-DYNA Conference: SCALE Papers for Download

      At the 10th European LS-DYNA Conference, Marko Thiele (SCALE) and Richard Luijkx (AUDI) have held two interest lectures on our software product LoCo. The papers can be downloaded here.

      From June 15th to 17th, DYNAmore GmbH invited people to the 10th European LS-DYNA Conference in Würzburg, and SCALE GmbH was an active participant with an impressive exhibition stand, informative lectures and interactive workshops. Our dedicated employees were available for discussions and professional exchange throughout the entire event.

      This year’s conference attracted more than 180 international users and developers from various areas of industry and research. A total of 14 workshops on various topics were held at the conference, which provided participants with practical information. In one of these workshops, SCALE GmbH presented its outstanding products: LoCo, CAViT and Status.E.

      Particularly noteworthy were two very interesting lectures that dealt in detail with our software product LoCo. The renowned speakers Marko Thiele (SCALE) and Richard Luijkx (AUDI) provided exciting insights into this innovative working environment, which is specifically designed for the management of simulation data and processes. For detailed information and in-depth knowledge of our software products, you can download the relevant papers here:

      We are proud to not only have been part of this important conference, but also to be able to present groundbreaking findings and innovations in the field of simulation technology. Stay up to date and explore more ways to optimize your simulation processes with SCALE’s advanced solutions.

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