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      JSOL: New Sales Partner in Japan

      JSOL Corporation: SCALE has a new partner and reseller on the Japanes market.

      With JSOL Corporation, SCALE has gained a new cooperation and distribution partner in the Japanese market. JSOL represents SCALE as a reseller of our software products LoCo, CAViT and Status.E. In addition to PAN-I, SCALE now has a second strong partner in the East Asian region.

      JSOL is an internationally networked IT service provider with digital solutions and as a subsidiary of NTT Data Group has long been established in the computer-aided engineering field on the Japanese market. The portfolio of JSOL Corporation includes IT consulting, system implementation as well as development and distribution of CAE software such as LS-DYNA. JSOL looks back on many years of experience in the field of simulation and computer-aided software solutions.

      With DYNAmore, the parent company of SCALE, JSOL has established a stable partnership within the distribution of LS-DYNA over the past years. SCALE is pleased to extend this partnership and has laid the foundation for a long-term and successful cooperation.

      Further information about our partner can be found at Contact details of our key contact can be found at Sales Partner.

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