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      LoCo Training at AUDI Academy

      Our introduction to the application of LoCo provides participants with fundamental knowledge. Additionally, on an optional second day, participants can delve deeper into the application of our SDM system, gaining advanced insights. 

      The training not only equips participants with fundamental knowledge but also allows for in-depth exploration of LoCo on an optional second day. Specifically, the training comprehensively covers software operation and the effective mapping of work processes for daily use as a calculation engineer. This training is tailored for development engineers in computation and departmental staff at AUDI. Employees from external development partners are also warmly invited to benefit from this training.


      • Introduction to LoCo, Overview
      • Application of the graphical user interface
      • Tutorials, Workshop
      • Modeling recommendations
      • Merge and Compare
      • Attribute management
      • Creating and configuring new projects
      • Error analysis (Message Console)
      • Parameter (DOE) studies, optimization, and robustness assessments with LoCo and LS-OPT
      • Python interface
      • Mapping individual processes of departmental or calculation disciplines in LoCo (depending on the participant group)

      This training provides a comprehensive introduction to the application of LoCo, ensuring that participants can effectively utilize the software for their daily tasks as calculation engineers.

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