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      Interview with Cloud Computing Specialist Rescale

      SCALE has an innovative partner in Rescale, whose powerful cloud architecture can seamlessly integrate with our software solution, SCALE.sdm. In a Q&A session with Rescale, Marko Thiele, Product Manager of SCALE.sdm, answers questions about simulation data management as an increasingly indispensable component of digital simulations, addressing challenges and trends in this field.

      Due to the increasingly prevalent use of highly complex digital simulations in the development and testing of new products, substantial amounts of data are generated, requiring strategic management. To execute intricate simulations and adeptly handle the resulting data volumes, the need for High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems is becoming paramount.

      Rescale is a globally leading provider of a cloud simulation platform that aids engineers and scientists in creating, computing, analyzing, and scaling simulations with High-Performance Computing (HPC) in the cloud. The platform is built upon an exceptionally powerful High-Performance Computing infrastructure, seamlessly connecting software applications with robust cloud or on-premise architectures to perform complex data processing and simulations.

      Integration of SCALE.sdm with Rescale's cloud infrastructure

      For more efficient handling of simulation processes, our software solution SCALE.sdm can now, upon request, access the High-Performance Computing (HPC) service provided by Rescale in the cloud. With a single click, engineers can automatically initiate new simulations running on Rescale’s Multi-Cloud HPC infrastructure.

      SCALE and Rescale are actively committed to standardizing, automating, and unifying simulation processes and their data. These efforts enable research and development teams to focus more on developing innovative products, rather than spending time searching for data, overcoming technical challenges, or managing computer systems and software.

      Q&A with Rescale

      Recently, Marko Thiele, Product Manager of SCALE.sdm with two decades of experience in the field of simulation data management, participated in a question-and-answer session with Rescale. He provided insights into the challenges and trends in the areas of simulation and process management. You can find the Q&A here as PDF format as well as on the Rescale website.

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