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      SCALE becomes AWS partner

      SCALE has been an AWS (Amazon Web Services) partner since January 2022. SCALE’s core competence is simulation data management and CAE processes. In this environment, the system solution SCALE.sdm is offered for end-to-end data and process management. With the AWS partnership and the certification of our software products for AWS, SCALE.sdm will be efficiently and professionally available in the Amazon cloud for our customers.

      SCALE.sdm efficiently and professionally available in the Amazon cloud

      SCALE GmbH develops and distributes the integrative SDM software solution SCALE.sdm with the modules SCALE.model, SCALE.result and SCALE.project for virtual product development. A major advantage of running SCALE.sdm in the cloud is the scalability and high availability of the system modules for our customers. Another advantage is a standardized and fully automated deployment, which enables a fast and uncomplicated provisioning of the system. There are also many interesting applications available in the AWS Marketplace (App Store) that can be combined with SCALE.sdm in operation on AWS. Examples include Amazon Quicksight as a business intelligence system especially for data analytics and Amazon SageMaker as a machine learning platform.

      Dr. Martin Liebscher, Product Manager at SCALE GmbH, emphasizes: “We are seeing increasing demand from our customers for operating our SDM solution in the cloud. Through the partnership with AWS, we receive competent support with which we can optimally align our software solutions for operation on AWS. This includes, for example, regular training measures as well as review processes for our system architecture. Our customers will benefit greatly from this.


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