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      From May 14th to 16th the 12th European LS-DYNA Conference took place in Koblenz, Germany. SCALE was there.

      SCALE receives TISAX® certification for handling information of very high protection requirements.

      Our branch in Dresden has been purchasing certified green electricity since this year - thus makes a contribution to climate protection.

      Estimation of spot weld design parameters using deep learning Akhil Pillai, Uwe Reuter (TU Dresden), Marko Thiele (SCALE)12. Europäische LS-DYNA Konferenz, Koblenz, …

      Automated Evaluation and Reporting of Simulation and Test Result Data integrated with CAE Process Workflow (Paper) Ayush Kumar, Gordon Geißler (SCALE)12. Europäische …

      On the Setup and Simulation of Large Scale LEGO Models Build with LS-DYNA and LoCo (Paper) T. Gerlinger, D. Koch, A. Haufe …

      Empowering the Application of Machine Learning Techniques through Simulation Data Management (Slides) Marko Thiele (SCALE)automotive CAE Grand Challenge, Hanau, April 2019. PDF …

      In 2018, SCALE has donated a total of EUR 12,000 to nonprofit organizations.

      Investigations into crash behaviour of LEGO cars (Paper) Marko Thiele (SCALE) Ingolstadt, Februar 2019. PDF herunterladen

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