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      SCALE.model: Visualized version history in the rail graph

      With the rail graph in the new SCALE.model desktop application, we have implemented an innovative feature: With this tool you can easily identify dependencies and relationships between different versions and thus keep an overview even with complex data sets!
      Screenshot des Gleisgraph in der Applikation SCALE.model

      In the newly introduced desktop application of SCALE.model, relationships of object versions are displayed in a clear rail graph. The rail graph provides information about dependencies and relationships between different versions, so that you can keep track even of complex data sets.

      The rail graph also enables direct navigation within object versions. Users can thus instantly and interactively understand the relationships between object versions while navigating through the various data statuses. By visualizing the versions and their relationships, relevant states of simulation data can be identified even faster.

      In SCALE.model all data – from solver files, parameters and load case definitions to folders – are versioned. Thus, it is fully documented which data has been used at which time and in which simulation. The display of or even the change to older versions is easily possible by clicking on the corresponding version in the rail graph.

      Consistent versioning of all data in an SDM system is of enormous importance, especially for collaboration in larger teams. In large projects, in which many users work in parallel, complex structures can arise that are difficult to understand.

      In order to be able to deal with this complexity confidently, we have placed a strong focus on versioning with user-friendly tools in SCALE.model. The graphical representation of versioning with the help of the rail graph significantly increases clarity and traceability.

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