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      SCALE Receives BMBF Funding to Develop Intelligent Assistance Systems for SDM Products

      Since October 2019, SCALE has been developing intelligent assistance systems with SIDACT and Fraunhofer SCAI.

      Project Start and Partner

      On October 1, 2019, SCALE, in collaboration with its partners SIDACT and the Fraunhofer Institute SCAI, launched a research project titled “Virtual Product Development Using Intelligent Assistance Systems” (short: ViPriA). The project is funded for three years by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). SCALE is the project coordinator for this research endeavor. Associated industry partners are AUDI, Porsche, and Volkswagen.

      Project Goals

      The project aims to develop intelligent, AI-based (Artificial Intelligence) and ML-based (Machine Learning) assistance systems to support engineers in simulation-based virtual product development. These intelligent assistance functions are designed to help calculation engineers make complex decisions and relieve them of routine tasks during the development process.

      Support in the Development Process

      In practice, calculation engineers will be supported in two key stages of the development process:

      • Intelligent Assistance Systems for Numerical Simulations
        Firstly, through the development of an intelligent assistance system that provides users with design suggestions and outcome predictions when creating a numerical simulation.
      • Automation of Complex Simulation Result Analysis 
        Secondly, through the gradual automation of the analysis of complex simulation results. The system will provide feedback to users on unexpected simulation behaviors. The analysis of simulation results is not limited to the evaluation of scalar functional sizes but also recognizes unusual or undesirable system behavior, which is visually processed.

      SCALE's Core Product

      SCALE’s core product is an SDM system (Simulation Data Management) consisting of the applications CAViT and LoCo. The management of result data from experiments and simulations is handled in CAViT, while simulation models and CAE processes are managed in LoCo. These applications are used by several German automotive manufacturers.

      Outlook and Significance of the Project

      The research results will be incorporated into the development of a new, integrated product generation, giving users access to the latest technologies in their daily work. Martin Liebscher, project manager of ViPriA at SCALE, explains: “The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is playing an increasingly important role in the automotive sector and beyond. With the ViPriA research project, we aim to seize the opportunity to introduce the new product generation with innovative and strategically important technologies.”

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