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      SCALE.sdm: Completely Revised Plot Function For Result Data

      In our continuous effort to improve our evaluation software for simulation and test data and to meet the needs of our users, we have decided to give the plotting functions a thorough overhaul. We are convinced that these improvements will enhance the usability and efficiency of the software.

      The updated plot function will provide a wider range of plotting options to ensure that users can visualize simulation and test data in a way that meets individual requirements. New features include:

      User Experience (UX)

      For improvement in our Plot component, we have made a number of optimizations. This includes a more intuitive user interface with user-friendly operating elements for easy adjustment of graph settings. In addition, we have reduced load times to ensure smooth and fast rendering of graphs.

      Interactive Charts

      Users will be able to interact with the charts to select specific data points or zoom in on charts for a closer look.

      Customizable Axes

      Axis labels and scaling can now be more easily customized to meet the needs of different analysis applications.

      Data Transformations

      Our software will support a wide range of data transformations. We can easily add or customize transformations according to your specific needs. The library of available data transformations will be continuously expanded in the future. In particular, the integration of FFT, ISO and SAE filters is planned in order to be able to execute and display discipline-specific evaluations.

      Export Funcions

      We have added export options that allow users to save diagrams in various file formats for use in reports or presentations.

      This overhaul will not only increase the performance of the plotting functions, but also make the software more user-friendly overall. We will also make sure that the update is seamlessly integrated into the existing user interface to make the transition as smooth as possible for our users.

      Your feedback is of great importance to us. We will make sure that your input and suggestions are taken into consideration during this revision.


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