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      New feature in SCALE.sdm:
      Set simulation and test results directly
      as project status!

      We are pleased to introduce the latest innovation within our software suite SCALE.sdm | Result: Starting from version 0.51.0, we offer you the ability to directly set test and simulation results as the status for your project requirements.

      Our innovative feature allows you to automatically assign results from simulations and tests to project requirements in SCALE.sdm and seamlessly allocate report values – accompanied by comments.

      • Results based on requirements of the investigated use case are automatically captured.
      • Actual values are compared with target values, and the status is color-coded.
      • A summary is provided, allowing for manual adjustments and comments to be added.
      • The status of the use case requirements can be easily set by the user within the project.

      Your benefits at a glance

      🚀 Efficiency Boost
      Save valuable time by directly setting results as project status without the need for manual inputs.

      🔍 Enhanced Traceability
      Link results directly to corresponding project requirements to ensure transparent and seamless documentation.

      🎯 Increased Accuracy
      With automated result transfer, minimize the risk of errors and ensure your project requirements are always based on current data.

      This new feature significantly contributes to enhancing SCALE.sdm, providing you with the best possible solution for your projects. For more information and detailed instructions, refer to our user manual. The user manual is currently only accessible with login. Access can be provided upon request to . Streamline your project management and test out the new feature!

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