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      Mittelstandskonferenz 2023: Presentation of Research Results on ViPRIA

      The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) organized the 7th specialized conference on the funding priority ‘SME-innovative’ as the SME Conference on November 21 and 22, 2023. The event provided a platform to introduce the SME-innovative project ‘ViPrIA’ coordinated by SCALE (Funding Code: 01IS19014C).

      Digital Poster Exhibition

      The BMBF invited representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participating in BMBF funding measures for discussion and networking.

      Participants had the opportunity to connect with each other, establish contacts with research partners, and present and discuss their project results. The focal point of the conference was the digital poster exhibition showcasing all participating projects.

      Project Results

      As part of the ViPRIA project, our SDM system has been enhanced with intelligent assistance functions. Data analysis methods based on machine learning have been developed, allowing for the identification of similar configurations, detection and assessment of anomalies, and evaluation of configurations.

      This development enables a gradual automation of the analysis of simulation results. Feedback is generated for each simulation result, indicating unexpected behavior.

      Integration and Productive Deployment

      The analysis components, developed by Fraunhofer SCAI and SIDACT, can be seamlessly integrated as modular extensions into SCALE.sdm.

      These components are currently undergoing thorough evaluation by OEMs and are progressing towards operational deployment.

      If interested, access to the SCALE.sdm demo environment can be provided upon request.

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