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      Sustainability: SCALE switches to green power

      Our branch in Dresden has been purchasing certified green electricity since this year – thus makes a contribution to climate protection.

      In addition to our social commitment through fundraising last year, SCALE has taken a step towards a sustainable energy industry: With the TÜV-certified green electricity Dresden.Strom.Natur from our local energy supplier, we now obtain 100% electricity from renewable energy sources.

      The green electricity is obtained from hydropower plants and thus made carbon-neutral. The extraction does not require CO2 emissions and radioactive waste. Thus, the Dresden.Strom.Nature represents a pollutant-free and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional electricity.

      By switching to green electricity, we want to set an impetus to environment-conscious corporate policy and reflect our ecological responsibility.


      Thumbnail from Zbynek Burival on Unsplash.

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