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      Information Security: SCALE Receives TISAX® Certification According to VDA ISA

      In April of this year, SCALE received TISAX® certification for the processing and handling of classified information. An accredited testing service provider confirmed the information security according to the requirements of the “VDA Information Security Assessment” (VDA ISA). The successful certification confirms our high standards in handling sensitive information. Furthermore, SCALE meets the additional requirements for the “connection of third parties for information with very high protection needs”.

      The “Third-party connection” module defines which specific requirements must be met if employees on the contractor’s premises are to access the client’s IT systems via a network connection. By meeting the additional requirements, connections to third-party corporate networks can be established securely. The protection of our customers’ business processes and information is thus ensured.

      TISAX® stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange and is used for the cross-company recognition of information security assessment results in the automotive environment. Information security plays a particularly important role in the automotive industry. With the VDI ISA requirements catalog, the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) has defined a common standard for information security in the automotive industry, the fulfillment of which is verified by accredited testing service providers as part of the TISAX® model.

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