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      SCALE on Cover of NAFEMS Magazine BENCHMARK

      The July edition of BENCHMARK, the simulation-focused magazine by NAFEMS, spotlights SCALE in its cover story!

      Background: SCALE awarded at NWC23

      On the occasion of our presentation at this year’s NAFEMS World Congress (NWC23), which won the Best Presentation Award, we made it onto the cover of the July issue of BENCHMARK. BENCHMARK is a magazine published by NAFEMS dedicated to the topics of analysis and simulation.

      SDM system demonstrated with LEGO® models

      The cover story provides an in-depth insight in our SDM solution’s applicability within the domain of virtual product development. Using LEGO® car models, we demonstrate how these models were virtually developed and simulated. In doing so, we emphasize the advantages and versatile possibilities that SDM systems offer in modern product development.

      Cover story for download

      Learn more about our software suite and download the full article here.

      BENCHMARK Cover story: Virtual Product Development with an SDM System Demonstrated by Playing with LEGO® Models (.pdf)

      For the full magazine, visit the NAFEMS website at:
      BENCHMARK-Magazin – Ausgabe Juli 2023


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