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      Innovative SDM solution for your CAE data and processes

      Model offers simulation engineers a perfect working environment for their daily computational tasks. Simulation models and all associated data are centrally managed and made available to users easily and efficiently. There are no restrictions in the exchange of model data or related documentation – neither within your company nor with your development partners.


      Key features

      • Integration – Seamless integration of customer-specific CAE processes and tools
      • Version management – Consistent versioning of all data and visualization of version history
      • Collaboration – Numerous functionalities to support the collaboration of teams in-house and at distributed locations
      • Workflows – Deploy complex custom workflows that can be shared across the enterprise
      • Assembly – Automated assembly of overall simulation models from submodules
      • Variants – Modular management of models and intelligent construction of load cases
      • HPC Integration –  Submitting compute jobs to HPC resources with graphical monitoring
      • Democratization – Simplified execution of simulations without deep expert knowledge


      Simulation data management

      Modern working environment for simulations
      • Simple handling of models
      • Quick overview of model properties
      • Find and filter model data
      • Integrated editing of models with any external applications (pre-processors, text editors)

      Perfect support for teamwork and distributed work

      • Easy exchange of model data
      • Sharing of shared model libraries (e.g. material data)
      • Access, role and rights management
      • Powerful data compression for efficient data transmission

      Version management

      Complete documentation of the history of all model data

      • Each object has its own version history: meshes, simulation models, scripts, parameters, computational runs, etc.
      • Each version is documented with comments, pictures, reports, etc.
      • Version trees show complete parent-child relationships of all objects
      • Merge and diff. functionalities between versions
      • Graphical representation of version trees with zoom option and timeline
      • Additionally: Display of the version history as track graph
      • Filter and search functions in version trees and in the track graph


      Integration CAE tools

      Integration of existing applications and processes

      • Access to all data in Model with 3rd party applications of your choice
      • Examples: Pre-processors such as ANSA, HyperMesh, Primer or others as well as text editors, in-house process scripts, modules for quality checks, etc.
      • Easy integration of the tools
      • Interaction and integration through custom scripts
      • Connection of any simulation programsHigh-performance data transfer between Model and 3rd party applications

      Shared model libraries

      Use of model data across projects

      • Easy sharing of simulation data that can be used across the company
      • Examples of model libraries: material databases, impactor models, process scripts, standard components, configuration files, etc.
      • Access to the model libraries taking into account extensive role/rights management
      • Assignment of responsible employees for special model libraries with granting of write rights
      • Encrypted provision of model data

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      SCALE.sdm is an integrative software solution for end-to-end simulation data and process management. The modules Project, Model and Result form a powerful system solution for virtual product development.

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