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      Requirements management and status tracking for your product development

      Project is an application for managing requirements in the product development process. The software supports engineers and project managers in monitoring the development status. In particular, product requirements are monitored, schedules are coordinated and maturity analyses are performed for any project phases, which serve as the basis for release processes.


      Key features

      • Project setup – Define and provide project information and properties.
      • Responsibilities – Assignment of responsibilities and tasks to team members
      • Milestones – Visualization of product status with reference to project milestones
      • Requirements – Management and monitoring of technical product goals
      • Maturity analysis – Monitoring and analysis of product maturity at any point in the project


      Project management

      Modern working environment for project configuration
      • Creation of a project for product development
      • Configuration of project deadlines and milestones
      • Definition of authorizations and responsibilities
      • Specification of project-specific target values
      • Integrated document management system

      Requirements management

      • Central configuration and management of product requirements
      • Specification of limit values
      • Evaluation of simulation and test results against limit values
      • Clear presentation of project progress

      Monitoring project status

      • Result evaluation based on test and simulation data
      • Flexible display of project status information
      • Versioning of all relevant project information
      • Automated generation of status reports
      • Statistical evaluations of product maturity for any project phase


      Automated reporting

      • Integrated representation of the compressed status as a project dashboard
      • Creation of report documents based on requirements, simulation and test data
      • Custom configuration of reports in terms of content, format and layout
      • Support of common output formats: pdf, pptx, xlsx, docx

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      SCALE.sdm is an integrative software solution for end-to-end simulation data and process management. The modules Project, Model and Result form a powerful system solution for virtual product development.

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