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      Integrated post-data management for tests and simulations

      Result provides its users with equal access to simulation and test data. The application also offers a clear evaluation of the result data based on predefined target values. In addition to many interactive evaluation options, reports can be generated fully automatically in various document formats. Furthermore, there are many options for data analysis, including machine learning algorithms. 


      Key features

      • CAT & CAE – comparison of simulation and physical tests
      • Evaluations – evaluation and visualization of all relevant result data
      • Data management – structuring, filtering, finding, grouping of result data
      • Result evaluation – Evaluation of simulation and test results with regard to project objectives 
      • ReportingComprehensive and interactive reports in common formats: pdf, xlsx, pptx, docx, txt,… 
      • Data Analysis –  Application of Machine Learning and Data Mining to existing data sets
      • Cloud Ready – Operation in the cloud: easy installation, high availability, high security requirements
      • Plugin concept – customer-specific integration of individual methods, processes, tools


      Post data management

      Experiment and simulation

      • Integrated provision of test and simulation results
      • Equivalent treatment of simulation and test data through mapping of data formats
      • Tabular presentation of data with Excel-like operating concept
      • Filtering, finding, grouping, sorting, structuring of data
      • Access to data using modern role rights management
      • Individual configuration of GUI elements and view of data for users or departments


      Evaluation, assessment and comparison

      • Integrated 3D visualization of models with fringe plots

      • Interactive plotting of curves based on selected data sets from test and simulation

      • Wide range of options for customizing the curve display

      • Web-based integrated videos from test and simulation or superimposed videos

      • Automated color coding of result variables based on evaluation rules

      Data Analytics

      Evaluation of the knowledge of data files

      • Selective analysis of existing data sets from testing and simulation

      • Determination of relevant statistical key figures

      • Interactive generation of scatter plots including outlier analyses

      • Prognosis models based on neural networks (meta models)

      • Linear and nonlinear sensitivity analyses (Sobol indices)

      • Determination of admissible ranges for input variables under specification of admissible ranges for output and result variables respectively

      • Representation of the ranges in parallel coordinate plots


      Automated reporting

      • Creation of reports based on data and information from testing and simulation
      • Automated integration of images, curves, videos, tables, text modules into the report documents
      • Customer-specific configuration of reports in terms of content, format, layout
      • Support of common output formats: pdf, pptx, xlsx, docx
      • Wide range of options for configuring interactive GUI report pages
      • Generation of extensive text documents


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      SCALE.sdm is an integrative software solution for end-to-end simulation data and process management. The modules Project, Model and Result form a powerful system solution for virtual product development.

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