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      SCALE is a member of the Carbon Concrete Composite e.V. association

      The mission of this consortium, which now includes more than 70 members of the business and research communities, has to do with expanding, attracting and establishing—along the entire value-added chain—enterprises that are involved in the use of carbon fiber-reinforced concrete for engineering, construction and repair work.

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      Carbon Concrete Composite – The Future of Construction

      The most commonly used material, steel-reinforced concrete, is associated with high levels of primary energy input, CO2 output and resource consumption, and despite this has a limited lifespan of just 40 to 80 years.

      This poses a safety risk for many types of structures as is most notably being seen in a growing number of bridges. Many of the 120,000 or so bridges in Germany are only 40 to 50 years old. Detours and traffic jams due to full or partial bridge closures are costing the German economy an estimated two million euros each year. Such short lifespans and the consequences in terms of cost are unacceptable and cannot be borne over the long term.

      This means that we have a lot of repair work to do on many of our structures, both right away and well into the future. Paraphrasing Georg Christoph Lichtenberg all we can say is: If things are to get better, the way we build will have to change.

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      This new, durable and resource-saving composite unites high strength with free formability and multifunctionality. These properties will in future make the building and repair of structures economically efficient, ecologically sustainable and aesthetically appealing. No longer a contradiction in terms, “lightweight” and “concrete” on the contrary represent the concept for the future.

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