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      NAFEMS Seminar:
      Artificial Intelligence in Simulation

      The upcoming NAFEMS seminar, “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in CAE-based Simulation”, will explore whether the incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning into CAE-based simulations brings benefits or drawbacks to engineers. SCALE, as a gold sponsor of the event, is actively engaged in the seminar, contributing two presentations.

      The NAFEMS seminar is scheduled to occur in Munich on October 23rd and 24th, 2023. SCALE will actively participate with presentations on both seminar days. We are excited about the prospect of a stimulating knowledge exchange!

      SCALE presentations

      Monday, October 23 – 1:25 pm
      SCALE.sdm as a Powerful Data and Process Platform for ML/AI
      H. Müllerschön (SCALE)

      In this presentation, we will spotlight SCALE.sdm within the framework of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

      Dienstag, 24. Oktober – 09:30 Uhr
      Enabling Big Data Analysis in SDM Systems: Add-on based Integration of ML Methods
      M. Liebscher, F. Leichsenring, M. Thiele (SCALE), N. Abdelhady, D. Borsotto (SIDACT)

      In this presentation, we will demonstrate the utilization of third-party solutions for seamlessly incorporating machine learning methods into our software solution SCALE.result. We will showcase this using the Femalyst add-on, which was developed by SIDACT, as a practical example.

      For more information about the event, visit the organizer’s website.


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