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      New development center in India

      We are pleased to announce that SCALE’s new office at Jaipur, India is operational since 7th of January, 2023. SCALE has incorporated its Indian subsidiary in May 2022, with a vision to establish a software development center, thus utilizing India’s rich software development ecosystem and talent pool. SCALE operates in India under a registered subsidiary with the name SCALESDM India Private Limited.
      Außenansicht des Horizon Tower in Indien, Jaipur
      New branch in India: Horizon Tower in Jaipur
      Portaitfoto von Harsh Sharma
      General Manager of SCALE India:
      Harsh Sharma

      Our employees from the Indian subsidiary will expand our technical team in Germany and contribute towards development of SCALE.sdm Product Suite. SCALE India would also provide technical support and training of SCALE.sdm Product Suite for our existing customers in India and abroad.

      In future, SCALE India also aspires to penetrate into the Indian market. To accomplish this pursuit, SCALE India is actively hiring highly
      qualified software developers in various domains and is expanding its
      technical team.

      India being a popular destination among automotive OEMs for their product development and sales initiatives, will be a major untapped market segment for SCALE’s innovative simulation process and data management software offerings.

      The contact person for SCALE India is Mr. Harsh Sharma, who functions as a General Manager for the operations at SCALE’s India office and is key contact person for our customers in India.

      The Address of our new office at Jaipur is:

      6th Floor, Space No. 608, Horizon Tower at JEWEL OF INDIA,
      Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Opp. Jaipur Stock Exchange,
      Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302017

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