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      Social commitment: SCALE donates to the good cause

      In 2019 SCALE made donations to various charitable organizations.

      As in the previous year, all SCALE employees actively participated in the fundraising campaign 2019 and selected the recipients themselves. Each employee was able to decide for themselves which project his donation budget would go to.

      Social, ecological and humanitarian projects and associations around the globe were supported, for example in the following areas

      • Child and youth welfare (Unicef, Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf)
      • Humanitarian aid (Engineers without borders, Cadus)
      • Climate and animal protection (BUND, NABU, PrimaKlima, Tierschutzbund)
      • Culture and sport (KulturLoge Dresden, DSC 1898)
      • Integration and Diversity (Atticus)

      The aspect of co-organizing the fundraising campaign has met with a positive response from SCALE staff. “With this fundraising campaign, SCALE is setting an example of corporate responsibility and creating added social value for social interaction and environmental awareness,” said Yasmina Wagner, co-organizer of the campaign.


      Image from Markus Winkler on Unsplash.

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