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      New methods fo AI-assited design

      We have come a significant step closer to the goal of AI-assisted design suggestions and evaluations in virtual product development in the ViPrIA research project.

      Close cooperation with SIDACT and Fraunhofer SCAI

      We have come a significant step closer to the goal of ML-supported design proposals and evaluations in the ViPrIA project. This was made possible by the close cooperation with SIDACT, Fraunhofer SCAI and the associated partners VW, AUDI and Porsche. The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

      We are pleased that we were also able to show results of the project on practical examples (see SimVec 2022). This is based on machine learning methods that recognize and display unexpected behavior (outliers/events) based on inventory data. This support can increase the efficiency and quality of work processes in the future.

      Integration of the analysis methods in SCALE.sdm

      Particularly noteworthy is that as a result, the first integration of the event detection of the two partners SIDACT and Fraunhofer SCAI – i.e. also of the product ModelCompare developed by Fraunhofer SCAI – into SCALE.sdm has been achieved. In the future, these can be offered as add-ons for use within our products.

      Detection and visualization of events in SCALE.result

      Comparison of the representation of an event and the refrequency simulation
      SCALE.result: Animierte Darstellung eines Events und der Referenz-Simulation im Vergleich

      Integration of ModelCompare in SCALE.model

      ModelCompare is able to compare predecessor and successor of two includes – similar discretized FE sub-models – and to display the differences in geometry (mesh), material ID and sheet thickness. Due to the integration in SCALE.model shown in the project, this process takes place automatically. The essential information is summarized in a clear way for the users.

      Results of ModelCompare in SCALE.model
      Integration von ModelCompare in SCALE.model

      Potentials of intelligent assistance systems

      Overall, the ViPrIA project was a complete success and shows the potential that lies in virtual product development using intelligent assistance systems. The close cooperation of the partners involved and the use of synergies were decisive for the success of the project.

      SCALE gratefully acknowledges financial support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the project “ViPrIA: Virtual Product Development using Intelligent Assistance Systems”; funding code (FKZ): 01IS19014 A-C.

      If interested, access to the demo environment of SCALE.sdm can be provided.

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